Trailhead Shuttles

Sedona Shuttle is the free, easy and eco-friendly way to explore some of Sedona’s favorite trails.

What trailheads are served by the Sedona Shuttle?

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Little Horse
  • Soldier Pass
  • Dry Creek Vista, with access to Devil’s Bridge
  • Mescal

When do Trailhead Shuttles run?

Thursday through Sunday

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM during the summer months.

See ‘Trailhead Shuttle Routes’ tab for current schedules.


During peak visitation times, shuttles may run seven days a week. Check this website for updates.

During days and hours when the shuttles are running, the parking lots at the Cathedral Rock and Soldier Pass Trailheads will be closed.  All visitors are asked to use the shuttle to access these trailheads. Outside of shuttle hours, the trailhead parking will be open. Parking at all other trailheads will be open as determined by the National Forest Service.

Where do you catch the Trailhead Shuttles?

The shuttles pick up from two park and ride lots:

  • North SR 179 Park and Ride, 1294 SR 179  with service to:
    • Cathedral Rock Trailhead
    • Little Horse Trailhead
  • Posse Grounds  Park and Ride, 20 Carruth Dr. (in West Sedona), with service to:
    • Soldier Pass Trailhead
    • Dry Creek Trailhead
    • Mescal Trailhead

How many vehicles will be able to park at each park and ride  lot?

  • North SR 179 Park and Ride – 65 vehicles
  • Posse Grounds Park & Ride – 260 vehicles

Are the parking and shuttles really free?

YES! Both parking at the Park and Ride lots  and the shuttle rides are free. 

Is a  Red Rock Pass required for shuttle riders at the trailhead?

No. Shuttle riders will not be charged a parking fee at the trailhead.

How many people can the  shuttle carry?

Each shuttle bus can accommodate 20 seated passengers or 16 seated passengers and two riders in wheelchairs.

Are the shuttles accessible to persons in wheelchairs?

Yes shuttles can accommodate up to two wheelchairs.

Can the shuttles carry bicycles?

Each shuttle bus is  equipped with a bike rack, on the front of the bus, which holds  up to three bicycles. These are available on a first come, first served basis. If there is room in the vehicle, additional bikes may be accommodated  in the wheelchair positions inside the bus.

Can I bring my dog onto the bus?

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Sedona permits service animals to accompany individuals with disabilities onto the Sedona Shuttle. Service animals are defined as “any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to work or perform observable tasks for an individual with a disability.

Household pets (including dogs) are not considered service animals and the city does not allow them to ride on the Sedona Shuttle unless they are in a pet carrier that can be safely stowed out of the doorway or aisle way.

Do the  park and ride lots and bus stops at trailheads have restrooms and trash facilities?

Yes, all pick up and drop off locations have restroom facilities and trash receptacles.

Are Face Masks Required on the Sedona Shuttle?

Based on current CDC guidance, face masks are recommended at this time but are not mandatory. Should face masks be required, the driver will let you know and will provide a mask if you need one.